Outdoor Fans

Outdoor fans are the perfect remedy for stagnant air under your patio. The oppressive heat during the summer months is made worse by the lack of wind. Luckily, Valley Patios can provide you with airflow via weather resistant outdoor fans. These fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are water resistant. These fans get the air moving under your patio, providing a welcome breeze to blow away the heat. We can hook up your new outdoor patio fan to a switch or remote control so you can turn your fan off or on without even stepping outside. We use only the best quality outdoor fans to ensure your satisfaction for years to come. If you want a fan installed on your new patio cover, call us at (760) 230-3205.

Outdoor Fan Ideas

There are a number of different fans that could work for your new patio, so how do you find the perfect one? First of all, you need to decide how much air you want to be moving. This will tell you what size of motor to get. After that, you get to decide on the style and color of the fan blades.

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