Outdoor Lighting

If the stars and moon aren't enough light for your patio, then we are here to help. Outdoor lighting on your shade structure will provide your outdoor living space with ample light to see even on a new moon night. Patio lights are easy to install while your new patio cover is being built. When installing any kind of outdoor light, we run the wire through the aluminum. This preserves the clean look of the shade structure. Outdoor lights come in a variety of shapes and styles, each providing a unique look for your patio. When you pick out what kind of light you want, we will put it on your patio. If you need lighting installed on your new patio cover, call us at (760) 230-3205.

What to Expect

When you choose Valley Patios for any of your patio needs, you are choosing the best in the desert. We offer exceptional craftsmanship with the most experience in the valley. We do the job right the first time to ensure your satisfaction. 

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