Finance Your Patio Cover With Valley Patios

Valley Patios is now offering financing for your backyard projects! The application process is free and easy, it can be done from a smart phone or computer and provide you with an answer in seconds. The initial application is sent to 5 lenders without dinging your credit, once this is finished you will be provided with an offer from all 5 lenders, then you just choose the option that works best for you. Aluminum patios are the answer to providing you with the best outdoor living and now it has become even easier!

Financing now available through Valley Patios

Financing now available through Valley Patios

For years we have seen many customers wait on the outdoor oasis of their dreams because they were still saving for their dream backyard. Now, with minimal monthly payments, variable interest rates you can buy now and pay over time! To make things even better our financing supports ALL PRODUCTS sold by Valley Patios. No matter if you are interested in a shade sail, Alumawood patio, retractable awning, drop screens, custom BBQ island or if you are in the Coachella Valley to Riverside we have you covered! No need to wait another sun scorching summer wishing you had the option of enjoying a new luxurious outdoor creation tailored to your liking. Valley Patios is here to help you have the backyard you deserve. Call today for a free estimate and details on our financing.

Aluminum Patio Covers vs Wood Patio Covers

Have you ever asked the question, “Why should we choose an aluminum patio when wood and lumber is a stronger material?” Here you will be provided with the leading edge details and up to date information on Alumawood vs wood patios.

When wood patios are installed they’re supposed to be treated to prevent drying out and attracting termites, not only is this an additional cost but it is also very commonly overlooked. This is the biggest downfall of the wood nature! Though you may think by purchasing the “stronger and more natural look” you went the route of least resistance. As time goes on and the sun struck patio begins to fade from it’s new paint and starts drying opening up to the elements the cost to retain the once amazing look only continues to grow.

Aluminum Patios - Way Of The Future

Aluminum patios, commonly know as “Alumawood” are cheaper at the time of purchase, cost no additional money for different available colors and require absolutely no maintenance! The paint is baked onto the material at over 1000 degree Fahrenheit, never allowing sun fading or drying out. When the aluminum is manufactured into a patio or “roll formed” it is bent in increments of 15 degrees at a time to not only insure no paint to crack but to strengthen the material. The lighter, maintenance free material is made to look like wood and provide you with beautiful shade for years, and years to come! Rest assured, you have cut no corners choosing an aluminum shade structure, after all aluminum is one of the strongest alloys available today.

  • Maintenance free

  • Looks like wood

  • Affordable choice

  • Lifetime warranty

  • 9 colors to choose from - same cost

  • 4 end cap details to select from


Hot New Product, Infinity Canopy!

We are please to announce that we began carrying Infinity Canopy products and are the exclusive dealer and installer in the Coachella Valley. Wire-frame fabric covers are an excellent and low cost way to add shade and character to any outdoor living space. Traditionally, however, these fabric tension structures are generally custom made to fit the specific installation.

Infinity Canopy products are modular with almost countless ways one can adapt and customize the covering, even after the initial installation! Everything from flattening the panels to changing them into roman shades to creating a multi-colored checkered design of the week or month!

  • Easily create single or multi-colored canopies.
  • Easily change the design and color of a structure AFTER installation.
  • Open and close the canopy from either direction.
  • Control the flatness and bellowing of each panel. 
  • Easily remove and reinstall for cleaning or repairs.
  • Makes a great addition to one of our Weatherwood lattice patio covers.

Interested in learning more? Contact Us now and we will help you design the perfect outdoor living space for you and your home!