Shade Sails

Tension structures, or shade sails are the newest shade structure to be made available by Valley Patios. Shade sails are the most unique and elegant of the shade structures we install. Picture one or more sailboat's sails stretched high above your patio to provide 90% shade. The sails we use have elegant curves built in to provide added beauty as well as strength. There are a number of colors and shade strengths you can choose from.

Custom Tension Structures

You may be skeptical about how a custom shade sail would hold up during a Coachella Valley windstorm. The custom tension structures we install are made of a high density polyethylene fabric especially manufactured to resist tearing. This shade fabric contains UV stabilizers to prevent deterioration under direct sunlight. 

The custom tension structures are manufactured with a stainless steel cable double lock stitched into its perimeter. The cable is attached to a marine grade stainless steel ring at each corner. The ring is then used to fasten the shade sail to an embedded post. 

Each post is made of thick steel embedded in a giant concrete footing. This provides the strong base that resists uplift even in the strongest winds. The dimensions of the posts and footings are engineered specifically for each tension structure, depending on the size of the sail and the expected wind load. This ensures that your custom tension structure will stay put in the strongest winds, giving you peace of mind.

Tension Structure Gallery

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