Hot New Product, Infinity Canopy!

We are please to announce that we began carrying Infinity Canopy products and are the exclusive dealer and installer in the Coachella Valley. Wire-frame fabric covers are an excellent and low cost way to add shade and character to any outdoor living space. Traditionally, however, these fabric tension structures are generally custom made to fit the specific installation.

Infinity Canopy products are modular with almost countless ways one can adapt and customize the covering, even after the initial installation! Everything from flattening the panels to changing them into roman shades to creating a multi-colored checkered design of the week or month!

  • Easily create single or multi-colored canopies.
  • Easily change the design and color of a structure AFTER installation.
  • Open and close the canopy from either direction.
  • Control the flatness and bellowing of each panel. 
  • Easily remove and reinstall for cleaning or repairs.
  • Makes a great addition to one of our Weatherwood lattice patio covers.

Interested in learning more? Contact Us now and we will help you design the perfect outdoor living space for you and your home!