Fabric Shade Structures

Fabric shade structures are made of a High Density Polyethylene shade fabric that is manufactured especially with tensioned fabric structures in mind. Fabric shade structures contain UV stabilizers to give them a long life under direct sunlight. Depending on color, the average shade rating is around 90% and the UVR block is around 95%. Custom fabric shade structures are manufactured with a stainless steel cable double locked stitched into its perimeter. This cable is attached to a stainless steel ring located at each corner. These rings are then used to fasten the sail to an embedded post or an existing structure. Each corner is further reinforced with extra layers of fabric and strapping to distribute forces. All stitching is performed using a locking stitch; outdoor "awning maker" thread is used throughout. The size of the stainless cable and rings as well as attachment hardware are engineered to be the appropriate size for each sail and application. These shade sails are engineered so they do not sag or flap in the wind. Sails can be attached to existing structures with a variety of common or custom made brackets and hardware. More often, we embed steel posts for which to attach the fabric shade structures to. The dimensions of the pipe and the footings are engineered for each sail and its application depending on the size of the sail and the expected wind load. This ensures that your fabric shade structure won't go flying away with the first wind.

Custom Tension Structures

Valley Patios does not believe in the "one size fits all" method when it comes to shade structures. That's why we provide custom tension structures such as our fabric shades. There are a variety of colors and styles you can get for your new fabric shade structure. We will custom order the material for the area that you want shaded, that way you won't spend money for shade that you didn't need. If you need some ideas for what fabric shade structures look like, browse our image gallery. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE then give us a call at (760) 230-3205!

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