Solid Roof Patio Covers

If you want to redesign your backyard to have a patio area with full protection from the elements, then a solid roof patio cover is the way to go. Valley Patios solid roof patio covers provide full protection from that hot sun, while also providing rain protection when you need it. A solid roof patio cover extends the life of your outdoor furniture, and gives you another beautiful outdoor living area. No matter if you desire full rain protection, or just shade from the sun, a custom designed solid roof patio cover will make a great addition to your home.

Valley Patios offers 6" or 8" flat panel solid roof patio covers, with 8 colors and 4 cap styles to choose from. The flat panel roof has a front gutter system that allows all the water from your roof to flow through just one or two downspouts. This keeps the water from flooding your patio and gives you a perfect place to stay dry and relax while watching the rain fall. 

We also offer insulated roof panels to keep your patio area even cooler. Our insulated roof panels are filled with foam insulation that keeps the heat away from your patio. This system can also be modified into an insulated room enclosure, which will add square footage to your home and bring up the value accordingly. 


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