Window Shade

Why is shade so important for your window? When the sun hits your window, it warms the glass. The glass transfers heat to both the air in your room, and your house walls. This heat transfer causes the inside room temperature to raise, which makes the air conditioning run harder. This all translates to an elevated heating bill for you. You might think that interior window shades will stop the heat from coming in, but this is a common misconception. The glass window panes will still warm and cause the heat transfer problem. You need a shade source to block the sun if you don't want that heat. 

The window coverings that Valley Patios installs will significantly reduce the amount of heat that gets into your house. Whether you decide upon a window awning, drop shade, or patio cover, your windows will be kept in the shade to protect your home from the heat. Give Valley Patios a call at (760) 230-3205 if you want to know more about our window coverings and get a FREE ESTIMATE.

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